Taking The Hard Work 

Out Of Podcasting.

Finding time to produce podcasts can be a pain in the behind. We are here to tweez the sting out of podcasting. No BS, solid hard graft – done FOR you!



PodcastTech has been producing content for several leading top-50 iTunes shows to meet international / industry broadcast standards for the last 6+ years. Our in-house team of experienced engineers provide the best editing, restoration, noise reduction, tonal balancing and mastering for your show. PodcastTech is an easy and cost effective solution for outputting your audio to your audience while meeting professional standards.



Content Editing

  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Making sure your show flows smoothly.
  • Removing vocal ticks, umms, ahhs & stutters.
  • Removing awkward pauses & fluffed lines.
  • Audience enhanced listening experience.

Sound Restoration

  • Reducing background noises.
  • Reducing microphone spill & problem ambience.
  • Reducing clipping, pops, clicks & crackles.
  • Reducing interference.
  • Saving your show, bringing it back to life.


  • Using EQ to cut problem frequencies and boost tone.
  • Using Compression to optimise dynamic range.
  • Balancing you & your guest’s voices.
  • Comparatively mixed inline with industry standards.


  • Meets AES (Audio Engineering Standards) recommendation-1004
  • Metadata compliant with ID3 format.
  • Output media has Integrated loudness of -18LUFS
  • Output media is true peak limited to -2dBTP

Remote Engineering

  • Higher quality source audio.
  • Recording studio alternative.
  • On call problem solving.
  • Gear, acoustics & technique consulting.
  • Pre – call check lists for hosts & guests.

Show Production

  • Optimisation of show formatting.
  • Professional broadcast production value.
  • Music intro, outro & interstitial transitions.
  • Show analytics & data analysis.
  • Server, site & host handling.


The Ikonn Experience

The Ikonn Experience is about CREATING & LIVING your DREAM LIFE. Join Alex and Mimi Ikonn as they discuss life & business insights for creating a life of your dreams. Covering topics such as life purpose, building a life that you love, relationships, entrepreneurship, spirituality, health, parenting and much more.

Gather unique INSPIRATION from Alex and Mimi’s life, also hear from successful and established thinkers, then CREATE your own dream life.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Critically acclaimed host, formerly of The Art of Charm dives deep into the untapped wisdom of the world’s top performers – from legendary musicians to intelligence operatives, iconoclastic writers to visionary change-makers.

Deconstructing the playbooks of the most successful people on earth – and learn new strategies, perspectives, and insights you can’t find anywhere else. Then, take these insights into your own life and live what you listen.

Keen On Democracy

Join Andrew Keen as he travels around the globe investigating the contemporary crisis of democracy. Hear from the world’s most informed citizens about the rise of populism, authoritarian and illiberal democracy.


Listen to Keen’s commentary on and solutions to this crisis of democracy.

Noah Kagan Presents – OK Dork

The world’s BEST strategies to start and grow your business, improve your productivity, and live a happier and more successful life. Hear from top performers in many industries — many who have never shared their tips publicly before. Explore topics like how to create an interesting life, building a 6-figure online business, behind-the-scenes of Tim Ferriss, and more.

After-On Podcast

Rob Reid (founder of Listen.com/creator Rhapsody digital music service) hosts the After On podcast, taking a deep dive into the science, tech, and social issues explored in his Novel “After On”. This is a series of unhurried conversations with thinkers, founders and scientists

The Ultimate Health Podcast

Jesse & Marni teach and inspire you to reach your maximum potential in the realm of health. They interview world-class experts in the health & wellness community. Topics include nutrition, superfoods, fitness, meditation, and spirituality. Jesse and Marni also tackle a health topic they are passionate about every week during their Focus Friday episodes. Either way, you’re in for a treat!

Product Breakfast Club

…Is a behind scenes look at how some of the best companies in the world design their products. Jake Knapp, NY Times best selling author of “Sprint”, has helped companies like Slack, Nest and 23andMe build successful products. Jonathan Courtney, co-founder of AJ&Smart, has worked with companies like RedBull, eBay and United Nations, to help them build better products faster. In this new, exciting podcast, the two of them have teamed up to discuss things like product design, innovation and productivity.

The Social-Engineer Podcast

The Social-Engineer Podcast is about understanding human behaviour and security. Chris Hadnagy and his expert team break into buildings and hack social situations to expose vulnerabilities with the system, teaching you how to be better prepaired, protected and understand social engineering. Each week Chris and the SE panel interview another expert in this field and others, to find valuable lessons to keep you safe – in real life and on the web.

 Past Clients

The kevin Rose Show

Creator of the news site Digg  and General Partner at GOOGLE VENTURES, where he invested in companies like RIPPLEMEDIUM,  NEXTDOOR and angel investor in Twitter, Facebook, and Square.

Kevin Rose interviews authors, technologists, scientists, meditators, self-experimenters, and productivity hackers to explore how to reach peak personal and professional performance while living a minimal and balanced life.

The Art Of Charm Podcast

Social science, behavioural economics, cognitive psychology. The Art of Charm is where self-motivated people, just like you, come to learn from a diverse mix of experienced mentors, including the world’s best professional and academic minds, scientists, innovators, coaches, relationship experts, entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, and other brilliant minds. This show will make you a higher performer, a better networker, a deeper connector and, most importantly, a better thinker.

The Dr. Jaime Show

The Dr. Jaime Show is all about increasing your happiness, success and likability. We feature experts in all fields to discuss these various topics.

Author of The SuperWoman’s Guide to Super Fulfilment which is published in over 10 countries. Dr. Jaime is a motivational speaker and the go to keynote for companies, associations and organisations. She has been featured in the US, both on TV and other major media outlets, for her expertise in work life balance, goal setting and reaching success

W.O.B.H. – Dirty Politics

New Zealand’s most read political commentator with a passion for technology, Web 2.0, New Media and internet strategies. Cam’s website, Whale Oil Beef Hooked is the most read blog in New Zealand, with more than 3.5 million pageviews and over 1 million unique viewers a month. He has won the ESET Netguide Awards – Blog of the year – 2013 and the prestigious Canon Media Award – Best Blog 2014.

Michelle Tillis Lederman

Michelle Tillis Lederman is a people expert who inspires organizations and individuals to build real relationships and get real results.

Michelle is an accomplished speaker, trainer, coach, and author of four books. Named by Forbes as one of the 25 Professional Networking Experts to Watch and also a former NYU professor, financial executive, and recovering CPA

The Build Cycle

Startup Stories and growth tactics from adventurous entrepreneurs to inspire you to launch your own business, plus tips and tools to help you start right & grow quick!

After running two beverage brands for almost a decade, Tyler Benedict launched Bikerumor.com growing it into the world’s largest, most popular cycling tech blog. Now, he’s inspired to compile all of the lessons, stories and strategies he’s learned from talking to other entrepreneurs and share those tips and tactics.


Building a solid relationship with our clients is super important to us. We understand the level of trust you put in handing over your raw unedited work. Read what our clients had to say about what we do and what we mean to their projects.

“I’ve been having Jason from PodcastTech edit and help me produce my shows for 6 years now and he’s become an integral part of the team. His skills have fixed broken shows and made myself and the show sound so much better than we could have done on our own. The show wouldn’t be the same without him.”

Jordan Harbinger

Host, The Jordan Harbinger Show

“I had the pleasure of working with Jason on my 4 year tenure as Producer for The Art of Charm. Every week he delivered an amazing product both on-time and sounding amazing. I’ve worked with dozens of editors in the 5 years I’ve been podcasting and none are even close to Jason’s level of perfection and attention to detail. He’s the only editor/engineer that I’ll recommend to my friends.”

Jason DeFillippo

Host / Producer, Grumpy Old Geeks / Jordan Harbinger Show

“Jason Sanderson has been the editor and engineer of our podcast for nearly a year and immediately became an integral part of our show. His attention to detail is second to none. We pride ourselves on our audio quality and Jase helps us sound our best, each and every show. We’re thrilled to be working with him!.”

Dr. Jesse Chappus / Marni Wasserman

Hosts, The Ultimate Health Podcast

“Jason is hands-down the best person to work with when it comes to Podcasts. He helped me with everything from equipment/software setup to taking initiative with editing the episodes. I barely have to do anything besides hit record to be honest and almost never have changes that need to be made to the episodes.”

Jonathan Courtney

CEO / Host, AJ&Smart / Product Breakfast Club

“I started using Jason at PodcastTech in 2013 and haven’t looked back once. He is fast, professional, detailed, very cost effective and super easy to work with. If you need your podcasts edited then I highly recommend PodcastTech.com.”

Chris Hadnagy

Author / Host, The Social Engineer

“I really enjoy working with Jason and recommend PodcastTech to anyone looking for podcasting audio editing.”

Noah Kagan

CEO / Host, Sumo Digital/ OkDork! Podcast

“Jason is an absolute rockstar. He goes above-and-beyond without asking, and works great under time crunches. I can’t recommend him enough.”

David Kelly

COO, OkDork! Podcast.

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